Description: Choir Melody Tension, Music Fx; Digiffects; Choral Music & Music With Voices

Description: Chiming bells effect. Many bells going off. Sounds like church bells, wedding bells, or clocks.

Description: percussion, cowbell, metal, hit, strike

Description: percussion, cowbell, jam block, plastic, hit strike

Description: peaceful short strum on acoustic guitar.

Description: harp being strummed with delay reverb.

Description: distorted electric guitar riff loop.

Description: These dismal chimes of enormous clock fit for creating dark medieval ambience in your works.

Description: Fife & Drum Band: “the Girl I Left Behind Me”; Civil War Era Tune Played By Traditional Flute / Drum Ensemble. Melody Came From England Or Ireland And May Have Originally Been Entitled “brighton Camp” ( C.1810 ) . Close Perspective. Music.