Description: A meditative journey of Flute and Nature perfect for yoga, relaxation, background, sleep, and mystical experiences. From the album SLEEP. Winner Native American Flute album of the year

Description: Bass sound constant notes on an off. Can be used as a transition, suspence moment in a film. Fade in / out as you wish. Recorded with Korg Triton.

Description: This is a distorted electronic bass pattern. The vibe is dark and creepy, good for thriller, horror, suspence atmospheres. Recorded with Korg Triton.

Description: Church bells being ringing Stedman triples. Recorded inside the bell tower, with additional sounds of the rope and wood creaking

Description: A gentle mix of native American Flute and nature for a meditative, relaxing journey. Good for Yoga, background, meditation, art painting. From the album SLEEP chosen native American album of the year 2013

Description: composition written using various synthesizers and drums.

Description: This is an upbeat rap song of triumph and bravado in a cutting edge display of lyrical prowess. One that is hard to forget and easy to remember.

Description: percussion, wind chimes, metal, clang, clank, ring

Description: Guatemala: Small Group Of Villagers, Drums Playing, Light Conversation, Distant Ocean Waves And Dog Ambience, Foreign Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences;World Ambiences, Iceland