Description: Down tempo Metal instrumental, starts slow and moody and melodic, turns crushing.

Description: Speedy metal instrumental romp. Lovely melodic bridge before a return to the crush.

Description: Uptempo, crushing metal guitar with melodic breaks.

Description: Aggressive and hard-hitting metal track a la Godsmack or Disturbed that perfectly suits sports or miitary scenes.

Description: A work of revenge, vengeance, the heavy thoughts about the difficult choice of life and death. In my opinion, could go to computer games, shooting games, adventure games, etc.

Description: Punchy and aggressive nu-metal/hard-rock instrumental track. In the tradition of Godsmack and Disturbed.

Description: short metal song easily edited to suit, many good riffs, simple drums, driving beat that goes from 1/2, to 1/4, to 1/8, to 1/16, to 1/32 drums to a brutal 1/2 note breakdown.

Description: Piano and screaming electric guitar blended with a violin are a perfect combination in this ballad

Description: Heavy energetic song that has to be with system satiety perfect for extreme sport videos, and any projects that needs that driven energy.

Description: Dark ambient metal track followed by electric guitar and rhythm guitar. Best for games, suspenseful movies and film scene clips.