Description: Washing Machine; Fill / Wash 1; Stream Of Water Filling Washing Machine ( Lid Up ); Machine Hum In Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Electric Shaver 1; Turn On, Shave And Turn Off.

Description: Blow Dryer Turn On, And Dry Hair On High Speed And Turn Off.

Description: Ambiance, Watery Machine; Machine Warms Up Slowly Churning And Filling With Water, A Few Added Mechanical And Watery Elements Gently Kick In, At 50 Secs. The Rhythm Plays Until The End ( Different Mic Positions Than 19-2 ) ( Dishwasher Fills And Runs ).

Description: Vacuum; Various Movements, Through Thick Wall.

Description: Vacuum; Various Movements, From Down Hallway.

Description: Dishwasher - Steady / Drone In Kitchen.