Description: Driving samba, Latin colors, percussive energy, world, ballroom

Description: Brazilian percussion music with different drums, shaker, agogo and cuica.

Description: Fast, powerful and lively samba drums - percussion music with shaker, tambourine, conga and timba.

Description: a silly name for a cool samba featuring piano, electric piano, bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

Description: a driving and enthusiastic samba with piano, baby bass, guitar, electric piano, celeste, drums and congas.

Description: Lively, cheerful samba music with piano, trumpets, bass and xylophones - expresses joy of life and invites you to dance. This track is perfect for videos, web projects, films, commercials and movie trailers.

Description: a playful and dancelike samba with piano, electric piano, bass, guitar,congas and percussion.

Description: Samba percussion music with female singing at the beginning and the end – lively, powerful and sunny.

Description: a fast, sexy and exciting samba with piano, electric bass, drums, guitar and flute.

Description: jazz samba featuring piano, flugelhorn & sax. great theme for tv or film.

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