Description: Television; Home Shopping Show With Announcer And Typing Sounds. From Close.

Description: Air to ground communications, Miami flight dispatch office.

Description: Alarm - Distant Perspective With Slower Oscillations Than Tracks 1006-52, 53. Traffic Roar.

Description: Video Game Arcade Ambience, W Multiple Computer Beeps And Buttons.

Description: Air Raid Siren: Long Blast; Sirens, Air Raid Sirens

Description: musica de Tiago malta do album a musica que os dadistas ouvem

Description: The sound of a house alarm going off in the street, with background external ambience

Description: Vintage Chicago Wire Recorder, Circa 1949: Switch On, Play, Stop, Switch Off; Vintage Entertainment

Description: Television; Rowdy Talk Show With Announcer And Guests, Music And Crowd Noise. Through Thick Wall.