Description: A very relaxed and slightly ethereal latin pop tune with a nod to bossa nova with piano, guitar, bass, percussion, electric piano and percussion.

Description: A big and glamourous latin Vegas style production track featuring powerful female vocals, full brass section, full percussion section, synths, piano, and upright bass. Strong danceable beat and tightly constructed musical themes provide an excellent backing or lead track for film, tv, radio, house, Female Vocals, Latin, Latin Pop

Description: Mysterious sounding Latin Tune, guitar lead

Description: Smooth and sultry with accordion and acoustic guitar create a romantic and seductive mood.

Description: A sophisticated and intriguing samba with piano, bass, drums, flute and marimba.

Description: Brazilian style pop song with female vocals, lots of percussion and a catchy brass theme. Party in the street and samba feeling.

Description: Nice Latin sounding tune, mid tempo, guitar and piano.

Description: wonderful expressive latin track with pro production, amazing effects and first class production.

Description: Latin Brazilian dance!Happy and energetic .Electronic,Synthesizers & Teen/Pop sound,Travel to Brasil movie or in a dancefloor. Motivational Latin Brazil Energetic Dancing Uplifting Advertise radio tv web broadcast happiness festival

Description: Feel good uplifting Pop Latin trendy Commercial track with a blend for various tonal aspects instrumentally, Simply Guitar, Subtle Electric Bass and a very nice and easy back beat supporting the cast of harmonic and melodic streaming lines. Commercial Latin, In Store - Retail, Film and Television.

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