Description: About a guy that runs into a long lost friend and though he doesn't want to lose her again, he cant bring himself to tell her that.

Description: Nylon Guitar Latin Percussion Maracas.

Description: Ethnic - Latin - Hip Club Beat Latin Salsa Featuring Horns Flamenco Guitar and Latin Percussion. 120 BPM, Fast

Description: Dramatic salsa, with full brass, electric bass,piano, and acoustic guitar solo. Sultry nights await you in the steamy Salsa dance club.

Description: Salsa with flute, marimba, electric bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, electric piano solo. This melody seems to have a questioning quality, emotions left unspoken, desires left unfulfilled.

Description: Warm and inviting Salsa ballad, with piano, acoustic guitar, vibes, electric bass and percussion. Harmonious and melodic ballad, hits all the right notes for a happily ever after romance.

Description: Latin Percussive Rhythm builds-Conga,claves, shaker,

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Latin America, Latin-Salsa, Latin, Ethnic-Mexico, Repetitive, Excited, Contemporary, Bright, Fun, Light, in a Energetic mood, featuring Synth, Bass, Brass, Percussion, Drums, Conga, Trumpet, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. funky pop,holiday, style, sax, rock organ, rest in week-end, enjoying time.