Description: a very hypnotic and trancelike tango with bandoneon, piano, bass and guitar.

Description: A light and airy bossa nova with piano, guitar, vibes, flute, bass and drums.

Description: Odd and unusual harmonies and a quirky melody highlight this bossa nova featuring piano, bass, guitar, percussion, marimba and electric piano.

Description: an alluring bolero in 5/4 time with electric piano, bass, flute, synthesizers and percussion.

Description: A smooth and flowing Mexican/Spanish track with great strumming guitars and soaring trumpets supported by percussion.

Description: "Carinhoso" (Loving) is a gentle bossa nova arrangement that features baritone saxophone and guitar solos.

Description: Just keep moving forward toward your destination and have fun, featuring piano, marimba, flute, guitar, bass and percussion.

Description: A classic styled tango with piano, bandoneon, bass, drums and guitar.