Description: Footsteps, Ice, Thin, Crust, Snow, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Ice & Snow Footsteps

Description: Cutting Cotton Cloth, Average Coarseness, Several Versions; Digiffects; Cut, Tear & Rip Foley; Cloth, Clothing, Fabric & Leather Foley

Description: footsteps, Foley, gravel, dirt, rocks, sneakers, tennis shoes, exterior

Description: A big clear plastic Arrow 5 gallon jug hit with different objects 01.

Description: Small Remote Control Car: Various Random Driving Movements In Room; Toys

Description: Footsteps, Stone Hallway, Woman, Leaves, Passes, Approaches, Normal; Digiffects; Marble, Tile & Linoleum Footsteps; Female Footsteps

Description: Music Box, Wind Up, Playing; Digiffects; Musical Themes & Anthems

Description: Walking along wet muddy footpath, some sound of outdoor clothing and waterproofs rubbing, some scuffing, steady pace, occasional bird song