Description: Vibraphone, brush snare, and upright bass in a jaunty, jazzy musical passage.

Description: easy listening acoustic jazz improvisation for background of video, preentation, powerpoint, diashow, movie, television. instruments are piano, base and drums

Description: Light nightclub jazz groove with piano and rhythm section.

Description: Jaunty up-tempo cocktail piano performance. Confident and bouncy.

Description: Colorful,carefree,zylophone,sax,flute

Description: Colorful,carefree,zylophone,sax,flute

Description: Beautiful Soft Jazz, New Age piece with gorgeous piano and classical guitar melodies creating a soft, romantic feel. Works well for romantic scenes, soap operas, love scenes and Valentines Day celebrations. Also great for massage, yoga, meditation and anything needing an ethereal atmosphere. 60 second version.

Description: Silky smooth jazz with an urban feel featuring bass guitar riffs, beautiful keyboard melodies and light strings. Gives the feeling of late night on a steamy inner city street and has a sexy, sensuous quality. Perfect for any drama or romantic scene. 60 second version.

Description: Laid-back and relaxing, 'Lounge Jazz'. For a cool and sophisticated atmosphere, a dimly lit smokey lounge bar, dressed for dinner, sipping a cocktail with a cigarette holder in one hand. Features a grand piano, double bass & brush drum kit. Perfect for commercials, drama and documentary. 60sec and 30sec full and piano only mixes

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