Description: moody, dark, lonely, mournful, pensive.

Description: latin jazz, traditional jazz, groovin jazz, swing jazz combo.

Description: A driving, cooking jazz swing tune with rhythm and harmony that propels the melody upward featuring electric piano, guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and a cookin drummer.

Description: Modal, boppish jazz tune played by guitar trio. Smooth and Sassy.

Description: Urban Smooth Jazz is sophisticated,funky smooth jazz track. Latin influenced groove and funky bass line carries groove. Jazzy chord progression played with electric piano,violins and piano plays urban feeling melody. tambourine and hand clap add some dance music feel.

Description: Happy and positive swing song

Description: A driving, emotionally intense waltz in the style of Antonio Lauro, played by a group of guitars with some bass and drums. Perfect for setting a pensive and intelligent Latin-american theme, without any cliches of Salsa or other tropical music.

Description: Upbeat, Funky Jazz-Rock Fusion. A little sophisticated, with a straight-forward and driving groove. Colourful, with soul and wit.

Description: Upbeat, Lyrical Jazz Waltz, bopping along with the sounds of smooth jazz guitars, upright bass and swinging drums. Groovy!

Description: Jazz introduction to the film, television show, video clip game. In my portfolio a lot of jazz introductions

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