Description: Intriguing, pensive song performed on steel guitar making arpeggios, groovy drums, subtle synth strings and a sub bass fretless style complex line.

Description: A melancholic meditative song, with female vocals and english lyrics about the ups and downs in life and the possibility of discover our hidden abilities. Performed on steel guitar making arpeggios and strumming, synthesizers emulating drums, strings, piano and a bass on a fretless style performing a complex line. Sergio Schnitzler (a.k.a. Yio): song, guitars, synths, lyrics, vocal recording Maria Lea Rossetti: vocals Key of B minor

Description: Strange nostalgic downtempo song performed on synthesizers, bell style sound arpeggios, a few drums with a middle east flavor. Key of Cm Tempo of 55 bpm

Description: Simple repetitive mechanical song with a naive style and a happy mood, performed on synths and guitars. The song starts with sequenced keys that will be the base along the song. Synth strings performs the chords and melodic fills. A synth piano performs innocent fills that also serves as the song’s ending. In the second part, after the bridge, the steel guitar starts performing arpeggios and the overdriven electric guitar performs a solo with a touch of spaghetti western style.

Description: Short song, consisting of two parts, meditative and calm the first, glorious and pasionate the second. Performed on digital synthesizers and orchestra, a polyphony of melodious deep bass and synth strings.

Description: Motivational song with some calypso style, consisting of two identical parts except for that congas are more present on the second part. Key of C

Description: Dramatic song performed on digital synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar over a power drums uncommon pattern and a sequenced bass. Suitable for catastrophes or tragedies documentaries, drama tv shows, thrillers, investigative, police, crime, detective and mystery television series.

Description: A melancholic, deep, instrumental song, performed on synthesizers and electroacoustic guitar plucking. With a very sensitive mood, this instrumental tune carries our soul and mind from sadness to reflection, from a pensive to a suffering state, expressing longing and showing us a broken heart while a profound thinking bring to us memorable moments. Suitable for dramatic scenes, tragical news, mourning, ending credits for documentaries about poverty, dramas or disease, sensitive slideshows, film soundtrack, etc.

Description: Uplifting easy-listening short song performed on synths with an eurodance style. Suitable for ending credits, wedding videos, product presentations, slide shows, powerpoit, etc.

Description: Hip-hop style song suitable to be used as a beat for rapping, performed on synths strings, piano and drums.

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