Description: A processed ambience with birds and a strange creature

Description: a workshop fan rattling in a wooden box. some shop ambience as well.

Description: A large metal drainage pipe hit with a metal bar at various distances. Recorded inside the pipe. Interesting echo after initial hit. Pitched down by sample rate change.

Description: a small stream from 2 hoses running over a loose rock wall.

Description: an audi a4 2.8 starting and idling and then revving up and holding. recorded at the exhaust.

Description: a low rumble from construction outside the building. loopable.

Description: Interior of the old Coit Tower elevator

Description: A city ambience. Some cars and birds. Some back alley sounds.

Description: Mechanical hum ambience from a car ferry. Thumping with some car honking.

Description: A whistling wind from a hotel window in Reykjavik.

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