Description: Ambience from by the river (River Dee, Chester) on a breezy early spring morning, with birds, ducks, boats and distant traffic etc

Description: An orchestra tuning up their instruments while an audience start to fill up an auditorium

Description: General ambience of travelling on London's Underground at around midnight on a week day

Description: Summer's day ambience in the North Hall in London's, Covent Garden, with crowd noise, talking, coffee cups etc

Description: Ambience from the food court at Covent Garden, London, England

Description: General ambience of a quiet beach (Talacre, North Wales) on a cold November's day with sounds of people and dogs

Description: General ambience of the putting up of a set on stage in a theatre. (Clwyd Theatr Cymru's production of Shakespeare's As You Like It, directed by Terry Hands at Swansea Grand Theatre)

Description: General ambience at night in a small town in the country on Bonfire night (November 5th) with distant fireworks going off

Description: General ambience from Oxford Street, London, England. With people, voices, traffic, busses, sirens etc

Description: Recording of a windy night

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