Description: Ambience on a boat (sightseeing tour around a Greek island), with the microphone pointing towards the back of the boat into the water

Description: Ambience from an outdoor cafe at Butterfly Valley, Rhodes, Greece with crickets, voices and transport

Description: Crickets chirping in Greece with occasional background voices and traffic

Description: On board ambience on a sightseeing boat sailing round the Greek island with the mic towards the sea at the rear of the boat

Description: Evening ambience in a small quiet town with steady rain fall, falling onto a hard surface with occasional traffic, birdsong ets

Description: Tube train in London's Underground departing, followed by another one pulling in to the platform

Description: Ambience near a river in an English city (River Dee in Chester, England) with people, traffic and birds

Description: The sound of people in a theatre auditorium during the interval of a musical (Palace Theatre, London during performance of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)

Description: Outside a West End Theatre (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London) after an evenings performance of a show (Oliver) with crowds of people, traffic and rickshaws

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