Description: Intereference noise from an AM analogue radio reciever, modern

Description: Large cymbal / gong hit in the middle with a felt beater and the mics near the centre

Description: Ambience from a large, empty workshop with a single person hammering on metal (anvil)

Description: Sawing a short length of 3 x 1 wood in a vice with a junior hacksaw

Description: Filing a short length of 3 x 1 wood in a vice with a metal file

Description: Large, empty workshop at night with a single person sweeping the floor

Description: Long pieces of chain hanging from a chain hoist being jangled

Description: Trying to start a STIHL 041AV chainsaw, it starts then cuts out due to lack of petrol

Description: Ambience from The Water Park, Faliraki, Rhodes, Greece

Description: Dyson (Animal) vacuum cleaner is switched on, runs, then is switched off

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