Description: Close up recording of pigeons coo'ing while pecking at dropped food near Covent Garden, London, with the sound of crowds and a street entertainer in the background

Description: Ambience in Carlisle city centre at Christmas with the Salvation Army playing Christ Was Born In Bethlehem. General walla and atmos.

Description: Scaffolders and construction workers work on a building opposite the Bricklayers Arms, Fitzrovia, London with banging and traffic

Description: Ambience on a boat (sightseeing tour around a Greek island), with the microphone pointing towards the back of the boat into the water

Description: Recording of a portable insulation machine running and pumping

Description: Recording of a kettle warming up, coming to the boil and switching off

Description: General ambience in the grounds of Somerset Hose, London, with the sound of the dancing fountains, people and distant traffic

Description: General ambience outside London's Buckingham Palace on a wet, Spring day

Description: Exterior ambience with birds, traffic and distant children's school playground

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