Description: A gritty urban beat with strings, piano and horns all interplaying and creating a tough urban atmospheric vibe. Great for a training scene, light suspense, sports shows. 2 minute edit.

Description: A super fun, upbeat, uptempo, oopable rag time track, in the style of Mario Brothers, Tetris, Contra, classic video game awesomeness!

Description: A nice mellow rock cue with a chill solo and pop style arrangement.

Description: Be Mine, performed by Accidental Airplay is the ultimate hip hop and r n b styled Valentines Day jam. The tune was written for Valentines day exclusively, and features male and female vocals, male raps, fun choruses and chants. A super fun tune!

Description: A funky hip hop rendition of the classic Christmas tune "Deck the Halls". A funky urban beat is complimented by a synth bass line and a catchy, pop style delivery of the classic lyrics.

Description: A fun hip hop instrumental perfect for Christmas parties or Christmas videos or productions. Sleigh bells, Glockenspiels and Tubular bells round out a funky hip hop production with a smooth bass line and nice urban feel and a fantastic mid tempo beat.

Description: A hilarious vocal hip hop track perfect for Christmas parties with no holds barred. Does contain explicit lyrics, there is a clean version and instrumental version also available. Sleigh bells, tubular bells and glockenspiels round out a great hip hop beat with a smooth bassline and mid tempo feel.

Description: This is a clean edit of the Who Spiked the Eggnog track. A hilarious and fun Christmas tune in the style of Run DMC or Beastie Boys and perfect for a raucous Christmas party or just for a good laugh around Christmas. Great for any Christmas party videos/productions where people are having fun and letting it all go!

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