Description: The snake introduces us to her jungle and the law

Description: Song about the gravity of love and flying from a loved one.

Description: Song about a bird who is for the first time finding love.

Description: Taken from the Mayan Popol Vuh - A man resurrects himself through fire

Description: Song by Yunus Emre translated from Turkish - don't be so self important, below your feet are the highest souls.

Description: Song likening a lover to a dove who is getting ready to fly away.

Description: Lyrics from the Popol Voh of Queztzcoatl and his transformation and rebirth through fire

Description: Orchestral tremolo contrary motion resolving to slow rhythmic pulse

Description: stately processional then percussion increases getting larger and stranger.

Description: Deep beneath our world forces are shaping to erupt and endanger our planet.

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