Description: military jungle mystery with rock drums and swirling orchestra hits.

Description: cellos and guitars with a big beat. smashing pumpkins would be proud. uptempo rock pop.

Description: uptempo boston pop rock, smashing pumpkins like guitars and big orchestral strings.

Description: funky spicy rock with big up tempo drums,jangly clean and heavy guitars.

Description: rock guitars funky beats and a great slap bass line. chainsaw guitars are coming for you. uptempo.

Description: High intensity suspense thriller score. The Escape starts quietly with brass and viola and quickly escalates to a dramatic climax.

Description: quirky uptempo guitars and improvosational drums. laughing guitar harmonies poke fun at the world.

Description: acoustic, guitar, pop, ballad, orchestral, uplifting, emotional, soundtrack, television, website, movie, background, music.

Description: country blue grass folk electric and acoustic slide guitars. mid tempo, hillbilly.

Description: a song about boston, uptempo rock with smashing pumpkin like guitars and strings.

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