Description: acoustic pop ballad with soaring strings, piano and a sweet guitar solo. abeautiful and emotional piece.

Description: acoustic, guitar, pop, ballad, orchestral, uplifting, emotional, soundtrack, television, website, movie, background, music.

Description: folk country, a guitar and banjo duel with stand up acoustic bass holdin down the fort.

Description: country blue grass folk electric and acoustic slide guitars. mid tempo, hillbilly.

Description: simple acoustic and electric guitar ballad, sad but hopeful guitar solo.

Description: funky rock jangly guitars midtempo pop with funky drums.

Description: dance electronica hiphop beats with robot vocals.

Description: blues r&b rock with a smokey guitar solo. night club atmosphere. mid tempo.

Description: a traditional irish waltz i just made up. pizzicato strings electric guitars and leprechauns.

Description: quirky uptempo guitars and improvosational drums. laughing guitar harmonies poke fun at the world.

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