Description: An unapproachable model on the catwalk. Cool and straight. This track has a slightly melancholic feel. A special guitar strum sound combined with a straight rhythm and sequencer elements. The synthbrass theme is simple and catchy.

Description: Silent Night, a classic. Beautiful combination of music box sound and strings. Perfect for short advertising / commercials.

Description: African pop track with lots of original instruments combined with modern sounds. Full arrangement with short vocal accents.

Description: Oriental track with focus on rhythm elements. A versatile piece with many eastern instruments. Perfect for any travel project.

Description: A typical garage rock song. Suitable for film, video, trailer, podcast or broadcast. Great for movies with cars, skate scenes, sports.

Description: A catchy melody and a driving drum groove with stutter effects. Could be used in driving scenes, city pictures, travel pieces or television opening and end credits. Or just for listening ;-D

Description: A spacey and easy loop with a catchy melody and cautious accompaniment. It could be used for telephone waiting loops, time lapse sequences, television waiting breaks etc.

Description: A very synthetic theme which gets a little organic touch by the slap bass. The synth elements are kind of "technical". It's useful for science themes, charts, graphics, large city pictures, big building projekts, factory shots, machine scenes and so on.

Description: A short and versatile piano theme for a morning start, especially enjoying something to eat or drink, an original brand, relaxing, feel safe. Also for advertising insurance and many more.

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