Description: A typical garage rock song. Suitable for film, video, trailer, podcast or broadcast. Great for movies with cars, skate scenes, sports.

Description: A very synthetic theme which gets a little organic touch by the slap bass. The synth elements are kind of "technical". It's useful for science themes, charts, graphics, large city pictures, big building projekts, factory shots, machine scenes and so on.

Description: This could be an intro/part for a documentary or a movie. A little washed out pad and percussion sounds combined with a solid wood/metal like main beat.

Description: This piece with a simple piano progression is simpleness at its best. Relaxed and slow - for many applications. Corporate or holiday movie, the warmth of this song suits good in countless applications.

Description: This country style christmas song comes with a soft, peaceful and warm message. A little town, lots of snow and the warm lights in the windows.

Description: This retro pop loop brings back the pictures of kids dancing the breakdance style. The 80s in an instant and seamless loop for documentations or other retro content.

Description: This funky loop contains some groovy male vocals, synth bass, muted guitar, crunchy funk piano and drumloop . A warm, rhythm based piece as waiting loop or background music for film and video.

Description: A hypnotic and straight synth-rhythm groove. Seamless looped as an ideal background for your special multimedia projects.

Description: This 60 second track featuring a toy piano sound reminds me of a toy train passing by. In the first version I had a toy train whistle sound in it. It sounded funny but I removed it because of the better flexibility of this piece.

Description: A classic christmas song as an orchestral arrangement.

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