Description: This 60 second track featuring a toy piano sound reminds me of a toy train passing by. In the first version I had a toy train whistle sound in it. It sounded funny but I removed it because of the better flexibility of this piece.

Description: A pop track with chinese elements and a rich arrangement. Groovy and driving feel. A catchy song as a hanger in documentations, travel videos or maybe a movie...

Description: A powerful rock pop track with a catchy guitar theme, a cool tonewheel organ and very dynamic drums.

Description: A relaxed background track with a straight drumline, guitar pattern, piano figure and a smooth sax at the end. Quite versatile.

Description: A bustling activity goes on in this track. Like the chinese people manufacturing lot of things... This is a mix of asian elements and a pop song. A diverting piece for many things.

Description: Very dark piece with nervous feel, five minutes to midnight. You can't bear it. Totally confused. And the time runs. Could be used in documentations about impacts on the environment or in movies as a dark and mysterious background feel.

Description: Imagine a boisterous fairy or elf dancing around. An orchestral piece with harp, flute, strings, pizzicato and expressive horns. Although it is a waltz dance, there are some dramatic sections...

Description: A carefree song featuring acoustic guitar and trumpet. It brings a light feeling and happiness in your successful projects.

Description: A background track for many applications with a carefree feeling. Acoustic piano accompanied by drums, strings, bass and a pick guitar. Relaxed and smooth.

Description: A team can be very strong when all members work together. This track stays for teamwork, optimism, visions, fairplay. The right choice for impressive multimedia projects.

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