Description: A pop track with kind of gregorian chant, strings, distorted guitar and a voice scream sample from "klankbeeld" at which is under the attribution license, Thanks for that! Also available as alternate version without scream sounds.

Description: A funny country style song featuring slide guitar and whistler. It has a happy swing feeling. The day starts with a smile. The short whistle hits give this piece an extra kick. Its light groove makes this song quiet versatile. Have fun!

Description: A blue sky, chilling with friends and a lot of summer. That's my first impression of this song. An easy and straight drumtrack combined with a very relaxed acoustic guitar improvisation.

Description: Positive corporate track with an electric guitar arpeggio, piano and a catchy staccato string melody. Perfect song for image videos, slideshows, financial themes and much more. This piece stays for teamwork, success, straightness and professionalism.

Description: A bouncy and positive feel-good pop rock track, featuring driving electric guitars, drums and bass. Conveys motivation, can-do attitude, a positive outlook, and good energy.

Description: A hypnotic and straight synth-rhythm groove. Seamless looped as an ideal background for your special multimedia projects.

Description: Tonight nothing's gonna disturb me. A relaxed evening on a late summer day. A continuous drumgroove with epiano, alto sax, synth and some noise effects in the background which give this track a little magic.

Description: This country style christmas song comes with a soft, peaceful and warm message. A little town, lots of snow and the warm lights in the windows.

Description: An arpeggio guitar guides through the intro part with a low steinway piano sound. Around 1:15 a powerful drumset comes in and gives this track a strong stand.

Description: A kind of overstyled synth track with 80s feel. It has a steady and powerful drumgroove combined with a synth bass, synth arpeggios and acoustic guitar chords. Although it seems more retro, it may also fit in modern productions. Simply try it.

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