Description: A positive and strong track for your successful projects. Suits perfect in any corporate video. Powerful strings and piano brings to imagination images of business success, productivity, sales and growth. This inspirational song is great for any business related production looking for an uplifting corporate track.

Description: Straight and hypnotic electronic track with lots of detailed effect sounds. Perfect for industrial and corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

Description: An evolving pop song with a periodic bell theme that guides through the song. Different synth-, guitar- and drum elements; climax around 1:46 with additional distorted guitar pattern.

Description: A groovy track with a straight drum groove, piano, synth and guitar licks.

Description: In dependence on dubstep style this track has a full arrangement of synth strings and choir. A distinctive arpeggio line and some typical dubstep sounds make this song sound very dynamic and exciting.

Description: Diversified piece with dubstep elements. A bit diferent track for special needs. Take a trip deep through your brain and discover quiet noise and loud silence. So your nerves are on edge, but this can't save you from the annual tax declaration... ;-)

Description: Light and easy song with piano, flute, cello and acoustic guitar. Easy listening feel and friendly mood. Also available as loop version.

Description: A kind of spanish dance song with some acoustic guitar elements, warm stringline, relaxed pianopart and trumpet / saxophone repeating the guitar theme. A holiday video, travel guide, dance club or maybe a slideshow with all these wonderful memories under the Red Mallorca Sun...

Description: Dubstep meets House. A fresh and modern house track with dubstep influences. Energetic and catchy.

Description: Relaxing melodies but a busy rhythm. The very long delayed guitar track generates a hypnotic feel. Slightly melancholic piano and a reserved bass, light and flowing.

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