Description: short arpeggio strings - good for magic, love, spells.

Description: quick descending arpeggio - good for disappearing, magic, game over.

Description: short arpeggio - good for processing, game over, button.

Description: electronic arpeggio - good for slot machine, alert, alarm, winner.

Description: synth arpeggio - good for slot machines, video games, alert, alarm, computer.

Description: arpeggio bells - good for slot machine, computer, alert, scanning.

Description: coin sound for slot machine payout, winner.

Description: electronic alert sound - good for alarms, alerts, slot machines, winner.

Description: electronic descending multi arpeggio - good for game over, magic, computers.

Description: Uptempo electronic track featuring pulsing drums, a quick and tight lead synth line, throbbing hi-hat, and a buzzing bass. Useful for action scenes, technological scenes, passage of time scenes, club dance scenes, racing scenes, etc.

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