Description: An uptempo New Age track featuring a head-bobbing beat, bouncy bass line, a majestic echoing piano lead, and some minor electronic embellishments. Useful for commercials / advertising, outdoor scenes, uplifting scenes, majestic scenes, proud scenes, etc.

Description: Uptempo electronic track featuring pulsing drums, a quick and tight lead synth line, throbbing hi-hat, and a buzzing bass. Useful for action scenes, technological scenes, passage of time scenes, club dance scenes, racing scenes, etc.

Description: An electronic music cue featuring pulsing synths, echoing percussion, a plodding beat, deep bells, and a buzzing counterpoint. Useful for dramatic scenes, CSI, investigation scenes, dramatic tension, high tech scenes, under water scenes, etc.

Description: Hard-hitting drums, dramatic strings, upbeat tempo. Could be useful for a scene involving a police chase, a battle, sport fighting (boxing, MMA, martial arts) promo, medical drama, a dramatic film trailer, or anything that requires a pounding dramatic score.

Description: russian chanting over talking drum and electronic beats.

Description: tribal drums over electronica beats, synths, and russian chanting.

Description: sparkling bells with electronica effects and later choir - chill, ambient, winter, magical.

Description: chill guitar over electronica beats.

Description: russian chanting and orchestra over an electronic beat - chill, tribal.

Description: melodic synth with oboe over an electronic beat - chill, lounge, ballad, future.

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