Description: A Weird Rhythmic and awkward sounding track reminiscent of metal objects

Description: Orchestral march with snares and larger drum.

Description: Old School Rock with vocals that would be heard in the 80s.

Description: This electronic suspenseful piece is the type of music you would hear on a reality show where the judges can only choose 2 out of 3 people. It's edgyness and anticipation are supplimented by the occasional vocal and strings tremolo.

Description: A moving and powerful orchestral with big drums

Description: A sad piano piece that gets dramatic toward the end.

Description: Cocktail Jazz that would work well in the background as source music.

Description: Bright, and full of color, this lively track has great harmony over a modern beat, using mostly electronic and some natural instruments.

Description: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, and a drumset create this laid back and happy track.

Description: A sad piano piece that becomes more dramatic in the end.

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