Description: Forboding aural exploration into a dark cavernous underground

Description: Haunting ethereal score for your favorite underground ruins. Ambient noises and industrial waste products litter the aural landscape while the distant echo of extinct civilizations foretells of a dystopian future.

Description: Retro inspired new age / dark electronic synth industrial track

Description: Uplifting new age / electro composition with driving synth bass, swelling ethnic-inspired pads and epic percussion. Multifaceted in its mood, morphing from quiet and mysterious in the vein of Tangerine Dream's darker moments, to feelings of promise and hope that groups like Vangelis were so well at delivering. A bittersweet masterpiece, if you will.

Description: A bombastic electronic horror epic with searing synth leads, driving bass stabs and ominous new age textures.

Description: Dark electronic soundtrack for futuristic black market body parts

Description: quirky yet sinister sequenced electronic piece with acid bass, majestic climax at end

Description: slithering electronic track with tribal percussive accents and bombastic ambiance

Description: Hard electro-rock track with driving percussion, sampled guitars, angsty male industrial vocals and vocoders, glitchy effects and aggressive bass synths.

Description: watery electronic piece with groovy organ and funky beat

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