Description: Retro inspired new age / dark electronic synth industrial track

Description: Forboding aural exploration into a dark cavernous underground

Description: Haunting ethereal score for your favorite underground ruins. Ambient noises and industrial waste products litter the aural landscape while the distant echo of extinct civilizations foretells of a dystopian future.

Description: dark creeping rhythmic dirge with distorted evil breathing, machine rhythms, slithering bass, and haunting synthetic flute pads

Description: airy horror chords of insomnia interlaced with electronic rhythms and an unexpected uplifting choral melody

Description: dreamlike composition that builds and explodes into a mechanized industrial drive

Description: stomping old school electronic track with edgy industrial overtones and an explosive breakdown in the middle

Description: stomping old school industrial styled track with weird shortwave type synth effects and driving bass

Description: Funky electronic jam with tribal percussive elements and moody synthetic flutes

Description: quirky soundtrack for an electronic witch doctor; a bizarre combination of airy tribal percussion, hard synths and haunting bells

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