Description: A brief rhythmic electronic dirge of gritty beats, swirling synths, and overwhelming pads that crescendo and then release, ending with a few short blasts of a heavy squelching synth bass.

Description: An odd horror score with subtle scream-like effects, alien noises and twisted rhythms.

Description: Dreamy electronic journey of ups and downs in the vein of Tangerine Dream

Description: Minimal electronic dirge with Asian-inspired koto sounds, drunken melodies, and gritty synth chords.

Description: Frenetic and robotic electronica with overdriven leads and breakbeat influences.

Description: Quirky electronica with minimal percussion, underwater glitch effects and subtle computer chip noises.

Description: Dystopian electronic anthem with vocals lamenting the facelessness of modern technology

Description: Futuristic dark electro with a techno-industrial feel and some powerful synth solos.

Description: Dark but uplifting new age electronica with a spacey trip-hop feel and some beautifully haunting breathy synth strings.

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