Description: Dark but uplifting new age electronica with a spacey trip-hop feel and some beautifully haunting breathy synth strings.

Description: Old school industrial-trance with acid synths, buzzing bass, new age pads and militant electronic percussion.

Description: Spacey electronic piece that starts out as a slow and brooding composition with subtle synths and an evil ambiance that grows and morphs into a fast trance-inspired electro epic.

Description: A two-part composition that starts off with an ambient underwater theme of sorrow and loss - the perfect soundtrack for a drowning or sinking ship. Then the track launches into an emotional synth-driven jaunt with moody new age and light breakbeat influences.

Description: dreamlike composition that builds and explodes into a mechanized industrial drive

Description: Dark and ominous electronic piece with glitchy percussion, bizarre textures, and creepy synth sounds. Themes include innocence lost, childhood naivety, feeling out of control, being lied to, and just outright frightened and confused.

Description: Starting off with a slow and brooding dirge through dark cavernous realms, this track evolves into a glitchy electro piece with an evil attitude. Angst-ridden male vocals compliment the mix with a theme that centers on mysterious circumstances that occur by accident.

Description: A bombastic electronic horror epic with searing synth leads, driving bass stabs and ominous new age textures.

Description: Dark and brooding digital depression.

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