Description: Glitchy and aggressive electronic piece with a dark dubstep sound.

Description: Uplifting new age / electro composition with driving synth bass, swelling ethnic-inspired pads and epic percussion. Multifaceted in its mood, morphing from quiet and mysterious in the vein of Tangerine Dream's darker moments, to feelings of promise and hope that groups like Vangelis were so well at delivering. A bittersweet masterpiece, if you will.

Description: Glitchy breakbeat-laden electro track with strange ambient and robotic noises, hard synths, and a theme centering around environmental concerns like pollution and global warming.

Description: Dark and experimental, with industrial tinged breaks and a futuristic mood

Description: Dystopian composition with an experimental IDM flair, touches on environmental issues

Description: quirky soundtrack for an electronic witch doctor; a bizarre combination of airy tribal percussion, hard synths and haunting bells

Description: sleezy and unruly opening that morphs into an ill-feeling dark pad-driven electronic piece

Description: Frenetic synth composition with industrial, trance, new age and acid influences.

Description: Factory rhythms and computer tones collide in this glitchy jungle-industrial composition featuring chip synth effects and slick drum n' bass rhythms.

Description: Hard electro-rock track with driving percussion, sampled guitars, angsty male industrial vocals and vocoders, glitchy effects and aggressive bass synths.

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