Description: Old school industrial-trance with acid synths, buzzing bass, new age pads and militant electronic percussion.

Description: Aggressive old school industrial with relentless synth bass, stomping rhythm, and acid chords.

Description: Dark and experimental, with industrial tinged breaks and a futuristic mood

Description: Aggressive industrial dance track with a dystopian man versus machine theme.

Description: Slow and gritty industrial composition designed to emulate feelings of cubicle angst and corporate slavery.

Description: Space age trance-industrial music for interplanetary soundtracks of alien encounters and time travel.

Description: Hard-hitting old school industrial dance track, complete with harsh EBM rhythms and distorted vocals.

Description: Rhythmic new age intro morphing into a moody EBM / electropop piece with futuristic textures, eerie pads, and dark squelchy techno synths.

Description: Retro inspired new age / dark electronic synth industrial track

Description: dark militant romping track with old school industrial / ebm flavor

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