Description: Drum loop: live drums, hi-hat, bassdrum and snare

Description: Shovel, impact #8

Description: exterior garden ambience, slight road in background, birds

Description: short electronic bleep, soft sounding

Description: A high energy electronic based track, combining a breakbeat style drumloop with hard edged synth parts and overlaid with orchestral elements. Uplifting and powerful, with a raw aggression - it is punchy and passionate.

Description: An upbeat, rhythmic and dramatic piece using electronic and orchestral elements. Strong melody and counterpoint over a dance style beat with synth parts combine to give a modern and classical feel.

Description: Modern military action piece, dramatic and passionate. Moody orchestral introduction over a distorted beat which moves into an uplifting, rousing theme. Excellent mix of strings, brass and percussion, full of power and emotion.

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