Description: A beat driven intro section with underlying synth leads into soaring strings over a tech style big beat. Brass hits add to the classic sound, and the bold, majestic feel stems from orchestral and electronic styles fitting neatly together. Dramatic and sweeping, heroic with a grand mood.

Description: A fast paced ethnic and techno hybrid piece with a racing beat. Sweeping synth and African style wooden tuned percussion combine to hypnotise over a long intro section, before an upfront hardcore synth riff is introduced. Underneath all this is a stomping dance beat.

Description: Energetic and dark electronic music with techno style rhythm, and a sense of urgency and progression. Overlapping, syncopated synth parts create a feeling of movement and conflict, and drive the track along with menace and purpose.

Description: A funky rhythm guitar based groove that rocks with attitude. Showing off style using classic funk sounds, it oozes confidence and swagger, strolling along with flair and sharp moves. Great for a new product ad or demo, cool and fresh.

Description: An uplifting festive track, sparkling with wintery atmosphere. Bells ring out as the momentum builds up, flowing with a celebratory mood. Suggestive of riding on a sled through a snow-filed forest, it is ideal for Christmas and holiday season projects, advertisements or programmes.

Description: Mediterranean island style traditional music piece. Playful and upbeat in the spirit of a native dance played on authentic folk instruments. With a pleasant disposition, it invokes sun soaked islands and blue seas. Ideal for travel, vacation or summer promotion products.

Description: Light ticking tension track which builds gradually to a short sting ending. With slight suspense and drama, this track carries an air of anticipation throughout.

Description: Dark and eerie ticking tension track. This atmospheric instrumental background track has an ominous mood that gradually builds towards a sting ending. With a feeling of suspense throughout, it's perfect for a dark or supernatural production.

Description: Tension and anticipation build steadily through the track towards a final short sting ending. This instrumental conveys a feeling of drama and mounting suspense.

Description: Countryside: ambience, birds, slight road in background, cockrel #2

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