Description: A modern orchestral action piece which erupts into a dramatic start, and continues to build to a climax. Strings and percussion combine to define the action, with lots of melodic movement over a pulsing beat. Invigorating, with a hint of danger and thrills.

Description: A driving orchestral piece, with a light slow introduction that moves into a strong, uplifting and powerful melody that builds to a climax. Carried forward with a rhythm reminiscent of war drums, it builds to a dramatic finale.

Description: A relaxing, thoughtful ambient track with gentle use of harp and bell style instruments. It builds up gradually to a drum beat section, then breaks back down.

Description: A short orchestral introduction piece. Grand sounding, in a presentation style that builds to a crescendo. It has power and drama, and would be ideal for announcements or introduction of a programme.

Description: A beat driven intro section with underlying synth leads into soaring strings over a tech style big beat. Brass hits add to the classic sound, and the bold, majestic feel stems from orchestral and electronic styles fitting neatly together. Dramatic and sweeping, heroic with a grand mood.

Description: A light-hearted tune with vibraphone lead and jazzy drums. Slightly sneaky and full of fun, it has style and panache. Suggestive of a jewel thief or a bungling Police detective, it flows beautifully with slight drama and a neat, clean feel.

Description: Modern military action piece, dramatic and passionate. Moody orchestral introduction over a distorted beat which moves into an uplifting, rousing theme. Excellent mix of strings, brass and percussion, full of power and emotion.

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