Description: short electronic beep, soft sounding

Description: sound of a firework explosion, fairly close

Description: Percussive bed useful as a background piece, rhythmic and sharp. With purpose and energy, it is ideal as an underlay for a news or sports bulletin, commanding attention without becoming distracting. Alluring, with a mature and determined feel.

Description: A world music style background piece incorporating instruments and musical influences from various geographical areas. Rhythmic and interesting with a constant progression. Dynamic movement through different moods, ideal for travel, vacation or global products.

Description: Medium paced spooky theme track, which hints at ghouls, gothic castles, suits of armour, and ghostly mayhem. Quirky and creepy, it builds in complexity towards a dramatic climax. This would be ideal for Halloween, skeletons, ghosts and monsters of all kinds, with a classic haunted and scary flavour.

Description: Menu sfx: select # 4

Description: sound of a firework explosion, fairly close

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