Description: Percussive bed useful as a background piece, rhythmic and sharp. With purpose and energy, it is ideal as an underlay for a news or sports bulletin, commanding attention without becoming distracting. Alluring, with a mature and determined feel.

Description: Menu sfx: select # 4

Description: sound of a firework explosion, fairly close

Description: short electronic beep, soft sounding

Description: A cinematic, moody piece with orchestral and synth elements. Tense synthesizer parts sit under moving strings, suggesting awareness, suspense, danger and imminent action. Low tension.

Description: Upbeat and sunny dance track with synth, acoustic guitar and vibes over a racing dance beat and bassline. A happy piece with a strong arrangement and instrumentation - perfect for a sunshine, beach or party atmosphere.

Description: An upbeat and positive funky style groove with horns, keys and rhythm guitar driving it along. Solid drumbeat and bassline with funky guitar overlaid with horns, it has a classic, light funky feel.

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