Description: An upbeat, rhythmic and dramatic piece using electronic and orchestral elements. Strong melody and counterpoint over a dance style beat with synth parts combine to give a modern and classical feel.

Description: Bold, commanding tech riff over a sharp, snappy beat and overlaid with a powerful rhythmic synth part. Tension and attitude flows, and the track soars gracefully with a majestic raw energy. Suspenseful, high tech and catchy, ideal for hot product launch or promo.

Description: Pickup: generic pickup sfx for collection of item #15

Description: A moody and atmospheric electronic soundscape over an underlying rhythmic element. It introduces additional percussion and builds to a driving beat section, then removes the rhythms and moves back down. It has an otherworld atmosphere, with an alien-like feel.

Description: A light, happy intro leads into an upbeat keyboard groove over a dance beat and funky bassline. Easy going, with funky rhythm guitar and slap bass, it is perfect for a trailer, promo or advert.

Description: An uplifting festive track, sparkling with wintery atmosphere. Bells ring out as the momentum builds up, flowing with a celebratory mood. Suggestive of riding on a sled through a snow-filled forest, it is ideal for Christmas and holiday season projects, advertisements or programmes.

Description: Swish: short, slow swish through the air #6

by studio_1 | wav | 0:02 |

Genres: Sound Effects , Video Games / General Gaming Sounds

Description: sound of collecting a generic bonus item or pickup

Description: Medium paced spooky theme track, which hints at ghouls, gothic castles, suits of armour, and ghostly mayhem. Quirky and creepy, it builds in complexity towards a dramatic climax. This would be ideal for Halloween, skeletons, ghosts and monsters of all kinds, with a classic haunted and scary flavour.

Description: A world music style background piece incorporating instruments and musical influences from various geographical areas. Rhythmic and interesting with a constant progression. Dynamic movement through different moods, ideal for travel, vacation or global products.

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