Description: A Suspended Piano Intro with a Cinematic Ending

Description: A Cinematic Trailer Music with Hard Guitar Riffs

Description: Orchestral Piece with a Smooth Melody. Piano Chords and Strings

Description: A Commercial like Music, for Television or Cinema. Driving Synths with Piano Chords and Emotional Pads.

Description: A Quirky Ukulele Jingle. With some Timpani and Shaker. And a Music box Melody.

Description: Melancholic Piano And Cello Piece

Description: Urban Orchestral Piece with Guitar Melody

Description: A funny, short Folk Piece with a catchy Violin Solo

Description: A Electronic Commercial Music. Driving Synths with Pulsing Drums. Good for Commercial Use.

Description: A Minimal Score with a Catchy Guitar Hamonics melody. Good for Documentations.

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