Description: Game music. A powerful orchestral track with pounding percussion, guitars, emotional strings. Driving build up music before the battle. Bold, dark energy, majestic, proud and heroic music. Angry Dangerous Edgy combat COMBAT Evil Energetic Rhythmic Aggressive Dragon Age the Witcher witch Assassin Creed 2 Runescape Might and magic hero War Dark Pulsating Power Patriotic Powerful Warzone Dramatic Forceful Dynamic Explosive Marching Confident

Description: A guitar driven mystic action track for evil haunting chase scene. A hard fast furious guitar with ominous evil fx. Made for tension, horror and chases in dark places. Inspired by Fringe and Michael Giacchino . From "Secret mysterious horror chase" Cinematic ,action Evil, Horror, Dark, Scary, Haunting, spooky, Ominous, Halloween, Suspense, Dangerous, Edgy, Anguished, Restless, Nightmare, Eerie, Ghost, Psychological, Terror, ominous, horror cinematic, evil, Sinister, horror, Mysterious, horror soundtrack, creepy, Fantasy, Threatening, horror Michael Giacchino, fringe, chase horror ,escape,action horror

Description: A beautiful dramatic chinese melody with Souna, Xiao, Er-hu and Bawaou. Begins sad and slow, with a triumphant heroic finale. Taiko drums and a marching snare. Perfect as a movie trailer, opening credits, film score for romantic drama, epic family dynasty, military, mystery, or game menu music. eastern, epic, beautiful, sad, Elegant, Atmospheric, Majestic, Adventurous, Apprehensive, asian, background, ancient, cinematic, traditional, dramatic, chinese, War, Patriotic, Powerful, Victory, Warzone, Forceful, Triumphant, Heroic, Action, intense, Dangerous, Explosive, Driving, Marching, Booming, Building, military, patriotic, adventure, soundtrack, trailer, pounding, big, battle, tension, action, suspenseful, thrilling, exciting, middle age medieval medium tempo

Description: A Lucinda Williams, Wilco type of song. Beautiful, rhythmic, country flowing, tender and warm-hearted. Sweet melody, guitars and harmonica, in the great American traditions of folksy, country music. Cowboys around a campfire, rural themes of romance, hard times and heartbreak. Warm and loving. Rhythmic, alternative country Sweet, Melody, Traditional, Cool, country Playful, Sexy, country Uplifting, Graceful, Vibrant, Beautiful, country Atmospheric, country Joyful, Warm, country Shimmering, Driving, Confident, country background, country, wholesome, country inspirational, motivational, achievement, positive, bright, country optimistic, medium tempo

Description: Epic powerful orchestral trailer music, regal majestic piece for fantasy film, game or Anime. Starts with guitar and pad with a rhythmic string section and a beautiful longing sad violin melody, uplifting brass section to a big orchestral Hollywood finale with big pounding drums and fanfare brass. big, epic, Heroic, powerful, Cinematic, Majestic, soundtrack, Forceful, Sad, Emotional, Glorious, Driving, Marching, inspirational, reflective, action, adventure, Dramatic, Uplifting, Regal, Magical, Dynamic, Atmospheric, Proud, Triumphant, Adventurous, Pulsating, fantasy, patriotic, grand, romantic, trailer, awesome, pounding, medieval, victorious, hollywood, background, strong, tension, suspenseful, thrilling, exciting, tense, presentation, promotion, medium tempo

Description: Cinematic reflective poignant piano music in slow tempo. poignant affecting piano with a touch of dark dramatic feeling as thoughtful reflective background music. Quiet piano for a dark grey day, calm peaceful still nature. Slow gloomy piano for oil spill, cataclysm, catastrophe, dead landscape, lonely fateful industrial area, disaster pollution, piano slow global warming, dark tragic documentary with piano. cinematic, quiet, piano, solo, slow, contemplative, reflective, peaceful, Longing, Emotional, Atmospheric, piano comforting, Tranquil, Nostalgic, relaxing, warm, piano Background, beautiful, romantic, sad,piano calming, sincere, easy, elegant, Tender, Vibrant, Sweet, moving, dreamy, Soothing, plain, heart, romance, underscore, motion, simple, nice, classical, dramatic, slow tempo

Description: Tranquil cinematic Piano background music calm restrained for reflective settings. drama advertise TV/slideshow flash documentary etc. Comforting sad and moving. Sentimental soothing longing, Calm peaceful and reflective piano music. piano, relaxed, piano background contemplative, piano background peaceful, piano background Longing, Reflective, Emotional, piano background Atmospheric, comforting, piano background Tranquil, Nostalgic, relaxing, tender, warm, Background, beautiful, romantic, sad, piano background sensual, calming, piano background sincere, easy, elegant, Tender, cool, Vibrant, Sweet, moving, Appealing, dreamy, piano background Soothing, plain, laid, back, heart, romance, background, soundtrack, underscore, slow, motion, piano background new age, nice, slow tempo

Description: A great dramatic track for danger in a film. Orchestral piece full with dynamics and build ups. Jerry Goldsmith inspired. Dramatic, Epic, Driving, Strong, Dark, Powerful, Dynamic, Mysterious, Cinematic, Pompous, stargate, atlantis, star trek, ST, TOS, James Horner, Forceful, Suggestive, Dangerous, Tension, Vengeful, Suspenseful, Triumphant, Majestic, Thrilling, Aggressive, Startrek, Twilight Zone, alien, space documentary, background, Science, technology, discovery, mechanical, high tech, futuristic, military, science, mars, jupiter, venus, earth, sky, war, battle, video games, documentary, ambience, slow tempo

Description: A slowly building dark thriller track with slow moving suspense, string orchestra. A masterpiece for the right thriller or dark drama. Orchestral string bed, tense and suspense inspired by John Powell and his score for The Bourne Ultimatum. Thriller soundtrack. dark, epic, thriller, thrilling, murder, scene, Atmospheric, Bold, underscore, Painful, Reflective, intense, bed, slow, strings, Edgy, tense, soundtrack, cinematic, trailer, exciting, ominous, Dramatic, Dangerous, Tension, Cold, Emotional, Haunting, Vengeful, Suspenseful, Evil, Powerful, Foreboding, Eerie,

Description: Bolero inspired orchestral music with electric guitar. Theme in style of Alan Parson, Mike Oldfield. Dramatic, Alan, Parson, Mike, Oldfield, Pompous, Nature, Passionate, Triumphant, Celebratory, Sweet, Beautiful, Dreamy, Edgy, Delighted, Touching, Carmina Burana, Build Up, bolero, Ecstatic, Tender, Glorious, Graceful, Atmospheric, Thoughtful, Driving, Climactic, Sublime, heroic, nature, dramatic, drama, achievement, inspirational, motivational, big, proud, reflective, epic, electric guitar, guitar, strings, heavy, energetic, ethereal, uplifting, powerful, orchestral.

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