Description: Intense music for movie, trailer or game, Catchy rhythms, mellow guitars, elegant strings. Dynamic orchestral Think The witcher, Dragon age. Marching, Triumphant, Brave Edgy, flowing, soulful, heroic and powerful with male and female choir. action, powerful, catchy, forceful, rythmic, strong, Explosive, Energetic, Cool, Confident, Epic, cinematic, proud, adventure, fantasy, War, Patriotic, Powerful, Victory, Forceful, fps, games, warfare, Triumphant, Heroic, heavy, Dramatic, Dangerous, Driving, Marching, Majestic, Booming, Aggressive, Building, military, soundtrack, trailer, pounding, big, heroic, battle, intense, epic, warcraft

Description: Grand Epic Nature is big epic majestic pompous trailer music with a modern dramatic cinematic feeling. Cinematic dramatic Hollywood music with a strong powerful sad heroic beautiful emotional melody. Inspired by Hans Zimmer , audiomachine, Two steps from hell, Immediate music, Thomas Bergersen among many others. action, adventure, advertising, awesome, background, big, cinematic, commercial, dramatic, driving, drums, energetic, epic, fast, fast strings, film, forceful, game, hans zimmer, hard, haunting, heavy, heroic, hollywood, impressive, intense, majestic, movie, nature, orchestral, patriotic, pompous, powerful, proud, soundtrack, sports, strings, strong, trailer, video game, youtube, confident, inspirational, poignant, fast tempo

Description: Dark Epic Soundtrack Trailer – dark powerful intense feeling! Inspired by Hans Zimmer Dark Night Batman and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Description of “Dark Epic Soundtrack Trailer”: Cinematic dark epic trailer music in style of big Hollywood powerful hero music. “Dark Epic Trailer” is made for suspenseful cinematic heroic action, ominous evil cut scene in a video game or movie, army of orcher, slow paced battle scene, dark epic video game trailer, powerful thrilling game show contest, intense war video game, epic video montage,etc. Batman, Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, action, adventure, army, battle, big, cinematic, contest, cut scene, dark, deep, drums, energetic, epic, evening, evil, extreme, fast, feeling, game, glorious, hans, hero, heroic, intense, majestic, montage, movie, night, ominous, orchestral, pompous, pounding, powerful, soundtrack, strings, strong, suspenseful, thrilling, trailer, triumphant, video, war, zimmer

Description: Epic Hero – Cinematic heroic action description of “Epic Hero” Cinematic epic hero music with powerful intense feeling. Starts with energetic staccato strings and a sad beautiful piano. In the middle it’s going soft with strings and piano. The boy choir comes in and slowly the music gets intense again with big pounding drums and fast energetic strings. Epic cinematic fantasy track in style of Hollywood hero music. “Epic hero” is made for cut scene in a video game, intro or outro in a video game,cinematic heroic action, grand epic fantasy adventure, fantasy video game trailer, powerful thrilling game show contest, epic hero projects, etc. action, epic, adventure, intense, beautiful, big drums, challenge, choir, cinematic trailer, strings, competition, contest, emotional, energetic, epic fantasy, epic hero, epic hero, trailer, feeling, game, olympic, game show, glorious, grand, cinematic, hans zimmer, heroic, hollywood, honor, intro, majestic,fantasy, music, outro, pompous, orchestral, powerful, sad, sports, staccato, strong, thrilling, trailer, triumphant, video game cut scene,

Description: Cinematic Epic Fantasy Adventure is Cinematic Epic Background Music! Inspiring epic adventure music with cinematic heroic action feeling. Cinematic Epic Fantasy Adventure is made for use as: cinematic inspirational background music, big epic advertising, presentation, commercial, Olympic sports video etc. Orchestral strings, drums and brass in a epic fast powerful tempo. adventurous, advertise, background, big, cinematic, commercial, confident, contest, corporate, dramatic, drums, epic, fantasy, fast, film, glory, hans zimmer, hopeful, inspirational, inspiring, intro, majestic, movie, orchestral, olympics, piano, powerful, presentation, soundtrack, sport, strings, strong, successful, trailer, driving, optimistic, pompous, proud, video game, Brian Tyler, James Horner, James Newton Howard, John Powell, Michael Giacchino, Nick Phoenix, Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps From Hell

Description: Big epic trailer music with powerful war drums, strings, brass, choir in fast tempo. strong epic dramatic soundtrack with a big powerful feeling. "Grand Epic Adventure" is cinematic big majestic blockbuster made for: victorious adventure trailer, big epic adventure, war game, excited adventure in the wilderness, in game soundtrack, rpg, adventure video game, climbing in mountains, dramatic challenge, extreme team sport competition, dramatic reality show etc I see a heroic challenge were two adventurer trying two climb up on a mountain. It’s dark and heavy rain falling. They compete about who will be first up on the top. I also see flying airplanes and helicopters preparing to fly. The pilots getting ready for the battle. The commander in chief talks about how important this mission is.

Description: Cinematic epic heroic slow orchestral track that starts with beautiful sad strings. Slowly the track builds up from a sad romantic melody to a big strong triumphant epic crescendo. Made as background to give that big epic fantasy feeling for strong heroic adventure, cinematic strong emotional soundtrack, epic fantasy trailer etc. Beautiful fantasy music in slow tempo. action, adventure, adventurous, awesome, background, battle, big, blockbuster, cinematic, epic, forceful, glorious, glory, grand, heroic, hollywood, honor, magical, majestic, orchestral, patriotic, pompous, powerful, slow tempo, strings, strong, trailer, triumphant, victorious, victory

Description: Intense epic orchestral music, Cinematic majestic piece for adventure, action, fantasy film, trailer or Anime. Intense rhythmic string section builds up to a big epic orchestral Hollywood finale with big pounding drums and brass for your next trailer or movie. powerful, vibrant, Adventurous, glory, honour, Cinematic, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, victory, Forceful, Glorious, Heroic, Magical, Majestic, Marching, Proud, Pulsating, Regal, Triumphant, Uplifting, action, adventure, awesome, background, big, blockbuster, epic, exciting, battle, video game, hollywood, inspirational, inspiring, orchestral, patriotic, pounding, proud, strings, strong, thrilling, trailer, victorious, fast, uplifting, pompous, groovy, aggressive, fast tempo

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