Description: A short and cheerful "end of level" composition suitable for a game. Orchestrated with Pizzicato violins and cellos, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, wurly and assorted percussion.

Description: A moody and lilting piece featuring vibraphone, marimba, and glockenspiel, with chimes. Has a medieval, ethereal quality.

Description: An achievement or unlock sound for a game. Quick and bright.

Description: A short original holiday tune featuring marimba, glockenspiel, bells, and various percussion. Upbeat and cheerful!

Description: brief piano opening followed by multiple layers of acoustic guitar punctuated with piano and backed by an expansive horn section, this track has a certain sparkle to it that is hard to define. Having a folk song quality with ear-pleasing themes that don't hammer you over the head, this is perfect for placing behind an indie game selection screen or to set a scene of outdoor wonderland adventure. Key of G-flat Major.

Description: A sparse and chilly orchestration featuring chimes, piano, and glockenspiel, with a carefully layered wind effect.

Description: A haunting piano track underscored by an ethereal drone and electric guitar. This is the underscore track containing the drone, guitar, and percussion elements.

Description: A lively track featuring pizzicato violas, marimba, wurly, acoustic guitar and percussion. Has a bouncy, happy feel.

Description: A simple and versatile soundscape useful for setting a peaceful, haunting, or dreamy mood. With a lush tone and free floating breathy pulses, this track can layer in behind vocals or stand alone as a background for video. Key of E Major.

Description: A classical piano waltz in the style of Yann Tiersen or Max Richter. This minimalistic piece has a lovely descending melody supported by an alternation of chords and arpeggios. The piece is in the key of C Minor ending on an E-flat Major chord.

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