Description: acoustic guitar and mandolin. Light-hearted, fun and catchy.

Description: Acoustic guitar and mandolin in a playful counterpoint. Very upbeat, lively and playful. Great for children's music or product.

Description: Light and breezy acoustic guitars. Simple and clean. Sounds very fresh and hopeful. Great for commercial use.

Description: Calm and peaceful acoustic guitars. Nice background for commercial or PSA.

Description: acoustic guitar and piano. Very positive and free sounding. Great for advertising.

Description: Piano with a strummed acoustic guitar, upright bass and jazz drum kit. Happy, positive and optimistic. Great track for advertising pleasant product or PSA.

Description: Two simple acoustic guitars: one rhythm and one lead, playing off one another in a nice way. Simple, happy and positive. Great for commercial use.

Description: Piano, acoustic guitar and fretless bass with light percussion. Very positive, happy and optimistic sounding. Great for commercial use.

Description: Strummed acoustic guitar with a light synth pad. Very big and open sounding. Great 30 second piece for commercial use.

Description: Picked acoustic guitar and cello with a light pad. Very nice and peaceful 30 second track.

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