Description: dark, ranging from quiet and mellow to epic and intense.

Description: Frightening, starts quiet and scary, builds into epic section with choir and returns to the mellow quiet of a graveyard.

Description: Epic, driving rhythm, up-tempo, very dark, very intense, choir, huge climax leading into melodic and shredding guitar solo.

Description: epic, dark, intense, rock with orchestra.

Description: Begins with solo choir, lush harmonies, mellow, emotional, progresses to long epic build, exciting climax with soaring guitars, explosive drums, powerful organs.

Description: ranges from mellow/ethereal to epic, dark, intense, rock with real choir, strings.

Description: Intro is huge heavy rhythmic build with massive climax perfect for action trailers. French Horns. Rhythmic and textural middle section with burst of powerful sections. Eerie quiet section with unusual, haunting reverbs near end, and concluded with massive, doom laden extremely slow and terrifying conclusion.

Description: epic, dark, intense, rock with orchestra.

Description: Epic, starts mellow, grows to very intense, returns to very mellow, long angelic or oceanic ending.

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