Description: Frightening, starts quiet and scary, builds into epic section with choir and returns to the mellow quiet of a graveyard.

Description: An action cue with fast, intense, explosive percussion leading into a mellow but driving conclusion.

Description: epic, dark, intense, rock with orchestra.

Description: Heavy Guitar and orchestral, epic, dark, and intense trailer music.

Description: Driving synth bass and pulsing beat in a pump you up, preparing for a fun/exciting date/bank robbery/breaking the rules to save the day.

Description: Fun and fast paced orchestral score. Starts fun and suspenseful. Great for animation.

Description: Pop rock, plucked acoustic guitar with soft drums,

Description: Melodramatic strings piece. Emotional and uplifting.

Description: Subtle electronic drum beats lead into expansive string swells creating a dramatic and intense mood.

Description: Celtic themed cue. Starts mellow then busts into action. Orchestral plus some traditional instruments.

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