Description: a sort of 70's funk thing. Lot of brass and punchy hits.

Description: A country blues piece with a lot of attitude...

Description: A nice Country tune suitable for any type of production with Country in mind

Description: A world piece with instruments from each respective continent all coming together in unity and harmonious melody

Description: A really nice corporate sounding piece set for any type of corporate activity. Best used in Corporate Documentaries or presentation

Description: A slow paced electronic piece...This piece can be used in a movie score type scenario.. It is slow and utilizes many elements including synths and Taiko drums

Description: A very cool sounding electronic house tune... Sort of in the style of Daft Punk... This is the first of many experimental tunes that I have been doing. This piece was inspired by the music by Daft Punk appearing in Tron Legacy

Description: A Tron Legacy type of Electronic track... Lot of synth and bass stuff going on in there...and various floating pads.. Definitely makes for a cool dance piece

Description: a piece designed for an environmentally friendly ad

Description: Just a nice and light hearted ad libbed piano track with nothing else but piano... Suitable for any flavor of a jazz mood setting

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