Description: inspiring, confident and motivating instrumental composition that delivers the vision with passion, determination and enthusiasm.

Description: a gentle, meditative composition that will suit digital projects with calm and relaxing properties.

Description: groovy instrumental composition.calm but strong, this piece evokes feelings of strength, truth, new directions, new beginnings, positivity and courage.suitable for sports, pursuits, action movies, credits.

Description: a melancholy, meditation, instrumental song, performed with synthesizers and a few electroacoustic slide guitar. loopable suitable for documentaries, movies, computer games..

Description: a cool ambient spacey song, good for corporate or business website.

Description: dark mystical theme…depressive… beautiful.. good for endings credits menus ect..

Description: classic audio logos perfect for a logo or an intro, but also for interaction elements.

Description: happy sounding (pop/rock) composition... very calm and positive.

Description: Acoustic piano floats over a synth and electronic percussion foundation.. Slow and silky, ethereal music. great for: web music, flash, intro, animation, web design, 3D, video, film, podcast, newscast, radio, tv, cinema, ...

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