Description: A fun, light-hearted orchestral piece, in mid-tempo 3/4 time, featuring lots of pizzicato strings, lush chord structures, and orchestral bells.

Description: A dark, slow-tempo, Danny Elfman influenced orchestral track, suitable for horror, or dark drama.

Description: Bouncing delay patterns and arpeggios turn very simple and minimal quiet synth lines into a complex sonic tapestry. Well suited for science fiction and science documentary.

Description: This is a slow tempo, positive, confident orchestral (mostly brass) track, good for accompanying an important discovery or dramatic breakthrough, or a sweeping panoramic shot. Could also be used as an audio logo.

Description: A dramatic orchestral piece with ethnic (Arabian/Middle Eastern) elements including percussion instruments of the region, and featuring a hammered dulcimer.

Description: Orchestral track, fast-paced, denoting light-hearted suspense, and possibly mischief. Good scoring for a chase, or a rushed effort against a close deadline.

Description: An electronic piece, suitable for action, chase scenes (particularly car chases), new car ads, or shoot-outs.

Description: Dramatic, confident, bold, this orchestral piece is suitable accompaniment for films, ads, or cinematic portions of video games featuring old world battles or conquest. Could be especially effective when used in an ironic or comedic context.

Description: Aggressive electronic rhythm track influenced by The Crystal Method.

Description: This starts as a quiet, contemplative, uplifting piece, with arpeggiating harp and cello, and building to a powerful pitch as synth pads and bass pads join to increase the suspense and wonder to a startling breaking point, then a serene ending, like waking from a vivid dream. Excellent for dream sequences, science fiction, and science documentary.

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